The formidable electrical discharge of a lightning bolt brightens the sky and strikes the Earth, accompanied by the mighty sound of thunder. This phenomenon has a positive aspect–the light illuminates the Earth and the psyche. But there is a destructive side as well; the bolt can burn, and even kill, if it’s too strong.



The forces of the upper world are investing their gathered energies to ignite you with new inspiration and creativity. Allow this divine gift of awakening to take root in your being, and enjoy a renewed sense of clarity, passion, and vision.



Life has gifted you with a destiny that is in alignment with your passion and in harmony with all existence on Earth. Now lightning has come to jolt you into accepting your destiny. Let this initiation release what is in the way of your fulfilling your life purpose. Otherwise, you’ll be bound to your karmic fate. This is a time to be courageous and daring.