The Heart of Sky is the love force that made all creation possible. This same force is present when you create with originality, when you bring formlessness to form or inspired ideas to expression. This primeval force does not know good or bad; it is up to us to provide the clear intention that will guide it to manifest. The Heart of Sky helps us call in beauty from the invisible world–and birth it in the world of matter.



The Heart of Sky brings you a sacred reminder. You are a channel for the original energy of creation. Become the paintbrush, the canvas, and the artist, all guided by the Heart of Sky. Set your intention, ethically and clearly, and allow the universe to take care of the details.



You may feel responsible for everything and everyone. Perhaps you think you have to do it all alone. This takes you into a dark hole where you lose trust in the natural order of the cosmos. Shed your lofty sense of duty, and recognize that this is a false prison of your own making. You can open the door and set yourself free in an instant.