Owl is the master of the night. She can see situations with perfect clarity, more so when it is dark, and is able to discern truth when others are sightless. She helps you find your light and your lightness in the darkest moments of your life, and to embrace the night as your ally. Owl can bring your messages from the invisible world. She opens your ears, so that you may hear the voices of the ancestors, and you may acquire their wisdom and make it your own.



Look around you, notice every detail, and find the hidden messages brought to you by Owl. Do not shoot the messenger; be grateful to the friend who shows you what you have not wanted to see until now. Observe all the facets of the diamond without judgement. Remember that the facets you dislike are often mirrors of the parts of you that you do not want to recognize. Do not be afraid of the truth, as it will become your compass.



Owl guards against self-deception and insists that your motives be pure and transparent to all. What is the message that you are not hearing, the situation you are not seeing with clarity? Owl invites you to wait patiently. Bide your time until it is right to act. Then do so decisively, with no hesitation or remorse.